How To Find A Free License Plates Look Up Service


Have you recently been involved in a hit and run accident and want to take matters into your own hands?  Or are you simply looking to find out who has been taking your parking space and work so you can talk to them?  There are many different reasons that range from highly legitimate to simple nosiness that may be inspiring you to complete a free license plates lookup.  Many people assume that as long as they know the full license plate number finding the owner of the car is as simple as finding a free license plates lookup service.

However, the problem lays right there, because finding a free license plates lookup service is virtually impossible.  In fact, there are technically no legitimate free license plates lookup services out there because license plate registration directories that contain owner’s information do not exist as part as the public knowledge laws.  

Actually, the only place you can find a complete data base of this information is at the government motor license bureau, which of course is not going to complete a free license plates lookup for you.  A police officer can also do this for you, but unless you happen to have a friend in law enforcement, the police department is going to want a very solid reason for performing the free license plates lookup for you.

You may think that you can perhaps find a free license plates lookup online, but the same problem remains.  Unlike a reverse phone lookup, there is no publicly available database like the Yellow pages, so there is no source from which someone can actually build a free license plates lookup search page.  This should clue you into the fact that any webpage that offers you a free license plates lookup is actually a scam and that you will want to avoid using it.

If you do get enticed into a website that advertises a free license plates lookup usually one of two things is going to happen.  Either you are going to follow the free license plates lookup link to a website that infects your computer with Trojans and spyware through pop-ups, or you are going to inadvertently give out your credit information.  This can happen easier than you think, since the site that offered you a free license plates lookup may want you to pay a processing fee.  You hand over your credit card information thinking that the fee is very small, but really you are paying with your entire bank account.

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